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 PLEASE NOTE: Your Moodle login username will be the same as your University e-mail address. Please contact the Service Desk ( or 406-791-5326 ) if you have any problems logging in.

The online course is delivered to the student using the highly interactive Moodle platform. Moodle is the world’s largest provider of this type of service, used by over 50,000 different institutions in roughly 200 countries.


This teaching model allows students to participate in class asynchronously each week of their course(s). This means that students do not need to be online at the same time. This is especially helpful to students who are working full time, raising a family or the campus students who can not fit a specific course into their schedule.


The Moodle model enables users to extend learning beyond the traditional classroom or other types of distance learning models. Collaboration between instructor and students is essential and builds a true learning community.


Moodle online courses are not independent study courses. They are completely interactive using any Internet ready computer with either Internet Explorer or Firefox as preferred browsers. Additionally classes will have the availability of a virtual classroom component where the instructor and students can be interactive in real time.


Both undergraduate and graduate courses may be available to the student online (refer to the University Distance Learning Course Schedule).




Online tutorials (10-15 minutes each):



Part 1--Logging In and Updating Your Profile

(Please note your login username is the
same as your e-mail address, not your ID number.)



Part 2--Course Layout and Posting to a Forum



Part 3--Online Quizzes and Grade Book



Part 4--Uploading an Assignment File and Understanding the Grades



Part 5--Using OneDrive to Submit Large Files






Common questions regarding Moodle courses:


What is my initial Moodle Username and password? Your Moodle Username and temporary password are provided by our administrative database in order to tie your ArgoExpress enrollments to enrollments in Moodle.


Username: Your username is your University-assigned E-mail Address, e.g. or

Temporary Password: system-generated, based on your first initial + Student ID + first two letters of your last name (all lower case and including your @ sign).


 When does my class meet? Technically, there are no set class times. Online courses are conducted asynchronously, which means individuals “take turns” sending messages between students and instructors.

Please note that your upcoming courses will not "appear" on your Moodle Home page until seven (7) calendar days before the start of the new term.



Will hundreds of other students be taking my class at the same time as me?  No, the University limits enrollment. Most classes are rarely larger than 15 students.


What kind of computer do I need? Most newer Internet-connected PCs or Macintosh computers work fine with Moodle. Moodle performs best with recent versions of Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.


Will I need to learn complicated software? Moodle is extremely user friendly, and anyone with basic computer skills will be successful in its use. The bottom of every page on the Moodle site provides links to useful tutorials and help files.


How much time do I get to complete the course? Each course will have a start and end date. In between the schedule of course work, assignments, and due dates are determined by each instructor.


Who will help me if I run into technical problems? Each instructor will help you find assistance with your problems. The University employs a team assigned to Moodle technical support by phone or email.


 Click here for our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).








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