annual report

Full Program Report for 2016




In 2013, 18 students were admitted for the Graduate Master of Science in Counseling (MSC) Program; 7 were male, 11 were female. One was an American Indian, 16 were White and 1 had missing data.  The average undergraduate GPA was 3.44.  


The retention rate from fall 2013 (18 students) to spring 2014 (17 students) was 94%. In year two, the retention rate from fall 2014 (17 students) to spring 2015 (15 students) was 88%.  In the final year, the retention rate from fall 2015 (15 students) to spring 2016 (13 students) was 86%.  


In May 2016, 72% (13 students) graduated from the MSC program successfully.

Memberships & Professional Organizations:

All 13 graduates (100%) were members of the American Counseling Association (ACA) and a majority of the students also were members in local counseling associations.  

Professional Presentations & Conferences Attended:

The majority of students were actively involved in local conferences offered.  

Professional Service:

The majority of students are actively involved in serving the community in mental health issues. Students were also very engaged in the CACREP Self-Study.  

Post Program:

Out of all graduates (13 students), 12 are employed (92%). Graduates cannot be licensed in Montana at this time as the Counseling Board requires 3,000 hours post graduate clinical service.  



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