msl concentration in healthcare administration

Program Coordinator: Robert Packer, PhD

A graduate of the UGF program will be a transformational leader in healthcare. Transformational leaders are critical thinkers who are able to operationalize innovative change projects, lead and inspire others, and are guided by legal and ethical principles. This leader is able to strategically leverage systems and informatics to optimize quality outcomes, improve operations, and create healthy person-centered environments.

The curriculum provides opportunities for students to prepare for a career in healthcare administration or to enhance their current career in this field. The following program themes are woven throughout the curriculum:

  • Communication and listening
  • Informatics and information technology
  • Ethical and transformational leadership
  • Critical thinking
  • Complex systems, strategic planning and financial proficiency
  • Practice competency


Graduates in the MSL healthcare administration degree program demonstrate the following program learning outcomes:

  1. Apply systems and leadership theories to affect change to meet strategic goals.
  2. Integrate leadership attributes and apply ethical, compassionate, cultural, regulatory, and legal factors in making leadership decisions.
  3. Synthesize and apply effective communication strategies and skills within organizations to create healthy person-centered environments.
  4. Demonstrate emotional intelligence, reflective personal growth and compassionate leadership when leading organizations.
  5. Apply data collection methods, applications, sampling systems and informatics to improve decision-making and accountability.
  6. Analyze data, evidence-based practice and financial systems to ensure quality and safety in processes.


The following healthcare administration courses are offered sequentially following the core curriculum with the exception of the internship and capstone courses, which are offered concurrent with concentration courses.


Healthcare Administration Course and Title Credits
MSL 502 Healthcare Systems 3
MSL 505 Healthcare Informatics and Data Management 3
MSL 525 Transformational Leadership 3
MSL 535 Healthcare Ethics and Law 3
MSL 562 People and Experience 3
MSL 565 Healthcare Budget and Financial Planning 3
MSL 595 Internship 3
MSL 595 Capstone Project 3
Total Healthcare Administration Concentration 24



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