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Mark Gray, Class of 1974 (College of Great Falls)


Major: Arts/English/Secondary Education degree and a Speech Communications Minor


Current Job: Recently Retired! Previously 42 of Teaching English - Jefferson High School (7 years), Helena High School (13 years) & Capital High School (22 years)


“Thank you CGF for helping me become the teacher I am today and for UGF becoming a wellspring of knowledge and possibility for my family as well. I am forever proud to be an Argo!!!”


Mark spoke about the importance of having the support of my mother and father, Irene C. Gray and Weldon S. “Buzz” Gray. He also mentioned many important professors & individuals that helped him on his journey: Dr. Christian David Stevens, Miss Deanna Louie (English), Mr. Pat Lee, Mr. Thomas Francis O’Brien (Speech Communications), Dr. Harold Anderson, Dr. John Carr (Education), Mr. Tony Gianalious (General Psychology), Dr. Wong Shic Hong (Botany), Dr. William Furdell (History), Sister Evelyn Murphy, Sister Judith George (French), Sister Kathryn Rutan (Career Placement), Ray Dodds (Basketball Coach/PE), Father Francis McInnis and Father Jerry Connelly (Chaplains).


“I am forever grateful to all of these fine men and women for all they did for me. God bless all of them.”


He suggested UGF to his sons and his daughter, with son Josh attending in the 1990s, daughter Catherine “Cat” Gray Taylor (English and Art Majors/Communications Minor 2013), and son Christopher James Gray (English Major/History Minor) currently attending. Other family connections include son-in-law Tim Taylor (Biology/2013) and mother-in-law Wadean Willis (CGF/Business/English Minor/1961).



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