community living assistants


Community Living Assistants (CLA’s) are students who reside on campus in each of the buildings. The CLA’s develop and maintain contact with residents serving as a positive role model for other students. 
What do CLA’s do?
·         They are required to follow and enforce campus rules and regulations, as well as local, state and federal laws.
·         Are sensitive to those who bring academic, personal or other concerns to your attention.
·         Maintain confidentiality with regards to a resident’s personal concerns. Attend complex events and activities. 
·         Get to know residents in their area.
·         Identify residents with special health concerns. 
·         Observe general behavior and group dynamics of residents. 
·         Get to know residents through formal and informal contact. 
·         Refer residents to appropriate campus resources. 
·         Are accessible during check-in and check-out periods, as well as other time periods deemed necessary. 
·         Know and communicate campus and community resources. 
·         Assist residents with general questions and concerns. 
·         Communicate with student leaders. 
·         Encourage participation in activities. 
·         Serve as a resource person.
·         Encourage leadership development through programming/ community builder opportunities. 
·         Mediate roommate and personal conflicts. 
·         Make residents aware of University of Great Falls Community Living policies and regulations.
·         Enforce and support regulations and report incidents to the Assistant Director or Director, or other appropriate University officials. 
·         Maintain an environment conducive to sleep and academic pursuits.
·         Create an atmosphere where the rights of all residents are respected and valued.
·         Submit maintenance request forms.







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