student senate

2016 Spring Semester Student Senate

President: Travis Vermulm

Vice President: Garrett Adair

Secretary: Bree Davis

Treasurer: Colton Johns



About Our Officers


Name: Travis Vermulm

Home Town: Cut Bank, Montana

Year: Sophomore

Hobbies: Writing, Watching movies, Water Skiing, Reading, Star Wars Fan

Favorite Quote: "It is truly rare, I think, for a person to live. Most people simply exist, that is all." (Oscar Wilde)

Favorite Part of UGF: Wrestling Team!


Name: Garrett Adair

Home Town: Moscow, Idaho

Year: Senior

Major: Health and Human Performance

Hobbies: Golf, Baseball, Football, any outdoor activity

Favorite Quote: "Fall down seven times, stand up eight."

Favorite Part of UGF: Being on the UGF Golf Team!


Name: Brianne Davis

Home Town: Flagstaff, Arizona

Year: Junior

Major: Elementary Education and Special Ed.

Hobbies: Singing, Cooking, Hiking, Traveling

Favorite Quote: "Do everything in love" (1 Corinthians 16:14)


Name: Colton Johns

Home Town: Deer Lodge, Montana

Year: Sophomore

Major: Mathematics

Hobbies: Rodeo, Sports, Board Game enthusiast, Sleep, Watch Movies

Favorite Quote: "Maximum Effort" (Wade Wilson)

Favorite Part of UGF: The Professors!








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Open Forum

The next open forum will take place Wed. Feb 24 11am @ Student Center


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