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Trio Student Support Services is a federally funded program that was designed with students in mind. The goal of Student Support Services (SSS) is to increase college retention and graduation rates.

What should students expect?

•  Academic Assistance: provides a comprehensive educational support plan
•  Professional and Peer Tutoring: tutors who will provide additional instructions
•  Peer Mentoring: assistance with transitioning from high school to college and beyond
•  Financial Aid Counseling: FASFA application assistance and scholarship information
•  Career Counseling: provides resume writing and job searching skills
•  Cultural Enrichment: campus sponsored events, Disability Awareness Week, Taste of Home,

    Native American Week, POW WOW and other events
•  Computerized Assessments: Learning Style, and Personality Type Tests
•  Workshops: provide study skills tips and academic development
•  Disability Services for students with a documented disability.
   Examples of accommodations: provide note-takers, books in audio format, extended
   test-taking time in a quiet setting, accessible classroom materials, assistive technology, etc.

•  Other Services: computer assistance, leadership opportunities, and supplement grant aid

What students should apply?

•  All Upward Bound and Educational Talent Search Students
•  Income eligible students (according to federal guidelines)
•  First Generation College Students (primary care provider did not graduate from a 4-year institution)
•  Students with a documented disability

How can students apply?

•  Stop by the TRIO/SSS Center for Academic Excellence, located on the first floor of Sullivan Hall
•  Contact the Center for Academic Excellence here




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