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The Federal Work-Study Program provides employment on campus and in the community so that students might earn monies to help in the payment of college costs. Students who demonstrate financial need through the FAFSA analysis may be awarded Federal Work-Study as part of their financial aid package.

Students eligible to participate in the Federal Work-Study Program must contact the Financial Aid Office when they arrive in the fall to pick up an application for employment. Students will be referred to supervisors who have positions available.

Frequently asked questions about work study
What is Work Study?

Work Study is a program that provides you with the opportunity to earn money to assist you in meeting your educational expenses. Work Study funds are paid to you in the form of a paycheck on an “hour’s work for an hour’s pay” basis. These funds do not credit to your student account. 

How do I find a job?

The Financial Aid Office maintains a listing of Work Study jobs. The office will submit only a completed application to your specified areas of choice. Supervisors in your specified areas will contact you for a personal interview. The Financial Aid Office does not secure employment for you.

What forms do I need to fill out in order to start employment?

You must fill out an application with the Financial Aid Office. In addition to the application you will need to include your class schedule, resume and sport schedule (if applicable). Once you have been hired you will need to complete a Certificate of Work Study Eligibility, available in the Financial Aid Office. This certificate identifies you as an eligible work-study recipient. If you accept a work-study job, the certificate must be completely filled out by you and your employer and returned to the Payroll Office prior to your first day of work. If you have not been employed by UGF before, you will need to fill out a W-4 form. In addition to filling out the W-4 you will need additional documents to confirm your ability to work.

How much may I earn?

You may not earn more than the authorized amount indicated on your certificate. Once this amount has been earned, you are no longer eligible to be employed under the work study program even if your period of eligibility has not expired. If you have earned your maximum work study award before the period of eligibility expires, your employer, at his/her discretion may choose to change your employment status from work study to student hourly. If on the last day of eligibility for the year, you have not earned your authorized award the balance remaining is forfeited. If you worked in the fall and are not returning in the spring, you can only earn the amount indicated for the fall term. 

How many hours can I work?

You must be registered for six or more credits for each semester in which you are employed as a Work Study. You may not work more than fifteen (15) hours per week during any week in which they are enrolled and attending classes. The number of hours you work will depend on your class schedule and the needs of you employer. If you are employed in more that one work study position, you cannot work more that a combined fifteen hours per week total.

What is my wage and how am I paid?

Wages will not to be lower than minimum wage. You will be paid under “an hour’s pay for an hour’s work” agreement. Time-sheets will be submitted to your supervisor for approval and turned into the Financial Aid Office every other Monday afternoon. Students are paid bi-weekly, with pay days every other Friday. Paychecks may be picked up (showing UGF ID) at Argo Central, or students may elect to have their pay direct deposited into their bank account. 

What are my obligations?

You must be enrolled for 6 or more credit hours each semester. You must communicate with your employer(s) if you are working more than one position so that each employer can coordinate scheduling and ensure that you do not earn more than you are eligible between the two positions. Furthermore, you are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner and to deliver a full measure of work for the time you are employed. Your employer will expect the same regular, punctual and efficient performance that is expected of their regular full-time employees. If your employer determines that you have not met your obligations, you will be terminated and continuation in the work study program may be jeopardized.

Contact: ArgoCentral @ (406)-791-5202 or for more information.


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