spirituality and service

We desire each of you to know Jesus Christ; we challenge you to awaken your spirit by engaging in relationships, participating in worship and Liturgy. Pursuing an enhanced awareness of God’s love will empower you in all aspects of your life—school, sports, work, relationships, personal goals, passions, and interests. Walking together in faith with openness, excitement, and authenticity will advance success in you and others “The greatest adventure of all is the hunt for God.” Campus Ministry is dedicated in WELCOMING ALL TO SHARE IN THIS QUEST!

We appreciate the views, diversity, beliefs of all. We do not judge. Being challenged perhaps produces mild discomfort, but these are the times that help us achieve maturity in our own values and beliefs. In other words, we expect discussions to be respectful, civil, dignified and not personally demeaning.

We seek to live holy lives by honoring the inherent dignity of all—Catholics and non-Catholics alike. It is our contention that as an institution of higher learning, we are drawn to support the spirituality of Catholics, Jews, Protestants, and other faiths in order to celebrate the collective faith community. We do this by involving students in various events, activities, and programs.

It is vital to the spiritual success of each student and the growth of our faith community to provide a meaningful, authentic, and Christ-centered campus ministry program open to all who desire a sincere openness to faith and relationships - bringing students of all interests (athletes, artists, musicians, gamers, philosophers)...together as one!

As part of the University of Great Falls, Campus Ministry and Mission Integration are fully committed to living the teaching mission of Jesus Christ. We are driven to provide students the opportunity to obtain a liberal education for living and for making a living.

The University continually and responsibly evaluates its operations and programs. It develops professional and career programs and continuing education courses designed in view of society’s present and future needs as well as traditional academic degrees in appropriate fields.

The University offers students a foundation for actively implementing Gospel values and the teaching of Jesus within the Catholic tradition; it serves students of all beliefs who wish to take advantage of our Ministry programs.


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